Hitting the streets

eVe is the worlds fastest electric car over 500km and in 2015 will become the first road legal solar sports car in Australia. eVe represents a shift in solar-powered transport from conceptual, purpose-built race cars to those capable of meeting commercial vehicle standards of performance, comfort and safety.

eVe demonstrates the viability of solar technology in the emerging electric vehicle market and how Australian students can make an impact with global significance.


In 2015, eVe will become the first solar vehicle in history to become road legal in Australia. This requires compliance to the Australian Design Rules, which are among the most stringent safety standards in the world.



We’ve redesigned eVe’s interior to not only enhance the comfort and safety of its’ passengers, but to match her sleek exterior.



eVe’s unique and innovative design ensures her performance exceeds that of even traditional cars. eVe eliminates the fear of ‘range anxiety,’ or running out of charge.


range in km


Max Speed in KM/H

FIA World Record


In July 2014, eVe broke the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile World Record for the fastest electric vehicle over 500km on a single charge.

The record received international media recognition for proving that electric vehicles can travel long distances at high speeds. Our record aimed to erode the fear of 'range anxiety' or running out of charge and prove they can exceed the range and performance of conventional petrol-fuelled transport.