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Seating capacity: 2

Range: 800 km

Top Speed: 140 km/h

Solar array output: 800 W

Sunswift eVe is the fifth generation solar car designed and built by the University of New South Wales Solar Racing Team, Sunswift. Built for practicality, speed, and endurance, eVe is the embodiment of Australian innovation and design. Originally created for the 2013 World Solar Challenge – Cruiser Class, eVe sets a new standard for sustainable transportation, offering high performance, efficiency, comfort and style – all powered directly from the sun


When it comes to performance and practicality, no other solar car compares to eVe. With two seats and four wheels, you’d be forgiven for mistaking eVe for a conventional petrol-driven car. The battery pack and solar panels mean that ‘range anxiety’ is now a thing of the past, offering distances of 800km from a single charge. Even when the sun is not shining eVe can rely on its battery pack.

Boasting a top speed of 140km/h, eVe is the world’s fastest long-range solar-electric car – owing to its sleek aerodynamics, low centre of gravity, and lightweight carbon-fibre shell. After all, what’s more practical than getting to your destination on time?